5 Best Bamboo Rattan Chairs

5 Best Bamboo Rattan Chairs

17 Aug, 2023

When it comes to the manufacturing of outdoor chairs, a wide range of materials are available. Nowadays, manufacturers also launched a new manufacturing method that combines two or three materials to weave the chairs. This method combines the benefits of these materials, so it may be better than the chair which adopts one material.

Bamboo rattan chair is one of the newly launched products in the market, which has the durability of the bamboo and the aesthetic of the rattan material. In this post, the author will recommend 5 best bamboo rattan chairs.

Rattan Bamboo Chair

rattan bamboo chair

Elevate your seating experience with our exquisite Beige Rattan Bamboo Chair – a fusion of timeless elegance and remarkable durability.


This rattan bamboo chair’s seamless blend of beige rattan bamboo and aluminum panel brings an air of sophistication to your surroundings. Its meticulous construction ensures a harmonious fusion of materials, creating a piece that stands out as a true work of art. Moreover, with the support of the aluminum panel, this rattan bamboo chair offers a stable and comfortable seating experience.


In the chair design, Birdies Outdoor designer thoughtfully adopts the ergonomic chair design, so that people can get a relaxing and comfortable seating experience. The people can sink into the embrace of its thoughtfully contoured design, while the armrests offer a relaxing perch for the arms.


The rattan bamboo chair is adorned with Φ28*1.2 black long foot plugs, offering a touch of contrast that complements its beige rattan bamboo elegance. A powder-coated finish adds a layer of protection, enhancing the chair's resistance to wear and environmental elements.


Bamboo Rattan Chair

Bamboo Rattan Chair

This sky-blue bamboo rattan chair is a perfect outdoor chair to decorate your garden. The sky-blue bamboo rattan chair redefines relaxation, making it an essential addition to your outdoor oasis.


With its serene sky-blue hue, this chair is a visual masterpiece that complements nature's beauty. The unique texture and color of the Pvc Mesh Textilene fabric harmonize flawlessly with the bamboo-inspired frame. Experience the synergy of colors and textures that resonate with modern sensibilities.


You can dive into the beauty of the bamboo. This sky-blue bamboo rattan chair has a captivating silhouette that seamlessly complements any outdoor setting. The powder-coated aluminum frame not only exudes a contemporary charm but also offers lightweight durability that stands the test of time.


This sky-blue bamboo rattan chair offers you a fabulous seating experience because the resilient pvc mesh textilene provides people with exceptional comfort and lets people dive into the lap of luxury. Why this bamboo rattan chair is so excellent? The reason is the sky-blue bamboo rattan chair is specially engineered to offer the perfect balance of support and flexibility, it cradles your body while promoting quick drying.


Furthermore, relying on our experienced workers, this chair has a delicate and complex connection design. The connection way of the welded frame and the finely crafted aluminum tubes (Φ281.5) showcase exemplary attention to detail. Each joint speaks volumes about our commitment to delivering the finest in craftsmanship. The Φ281.2 black long foot plugs not only provide stability but also accentuate the chair's overall aesthetics.


Rattan Chair Garden

rattan chair garden

This tricolor rattan chair garden set is the perfect combination of innovation and comfort. The strong color contrast of green, white, and coffee color, making this chair an excellent scenario in your garden. It would decorate your dull garden with this color contrast.


Inspired by nature and modern technology, we combine bamboo and metal materials to manufacture this chair. The bamboo-like texture of the frame exudes a refined charm, offering a harmonious contrast to the sleek modernity of the design. Also, the metal structure ensures the stability of the chair.


Crafted with precision and care, this rattan chair garden seamlessly blends the durability of aluminum with the elegance of PVC Mesh Textilene, resulting in an exclusive masterpiece that you won't find anywhere else.


There is a secret in the material. Birdies Outdoor uses exclusive PVC mesh textilene which is marvel developed in-house for the ultimate in comfort and resilience. People can experience a seating sensation because this self-developed material easily supports the people. By the way, this chair features quick-drying capabilities, you can bid farewell to soggy seats and enjoy uninterrupted relaxation even after a sudden summer rain.


Bamboo Wicker Chair

Bamboo Wicker Chair

This bamboo wicker chair is famous for its stackable design and delicate design. The exquisite bamboo wicker chair is a useful solution to enhance the charm of your outdoor oasis. This bamboo wicker chair is a harmonious blend of timeless design and modern functionality, poised to elevate the aesthetics of your yard, poolside, balcony, garden, or porch.


This bamboo wicker chair unveils timeless beauty. In the design process, the designer pursues the idea of ultimate beauty, so the designer encapsulates the essence of classic elegance in this chair. In this bamboo wicker chair, the intricate bamboo wicker weave harmonizes seamlessly with the aluminum frame, creating an inviting fusion of nature-inspired craftsmanship and contemporary form.


In the application, with the dimensions of W49cm x D59cm x H115cm, the bamboo wicker chair is perfectly suited for a variety of outdoor spaces. The frame is meticulously welded, ensuring a robust and durable connection that stands the test of time.


Rattan Style Chair

rattan style chair

If you are looking for a rattan style chair with innovative design, you can choose this rattan style chair. This rattan style chair has a high reputation among our clients who seek innovative but classic chairs.


With our self-developed PVC mesh tailender, this rattan style chair is able to provide you with unmatched comfort. The PVC mesh texilener has distinguished resilience and quick-drying composition, so you can have a comfortable seating experience and don’t need to worry too much about cleaning the chair. quick-drying composition in the rattan style chair allows you to relax without a care, even after a sudden downpour.


Unlike anything else on the market, our rattan style chair showcases the latest evolution in design and craftsmanship. This is your chance to own a piece of luxury that you won't find anywhere else. Make a statement with a chair that exudes sophistication and uniqueness, a true reflection of your impeccable taste.


From its Φ28*1.2 black long foot plugs to its precisely woven Pvc Mesh Textilener, every inch of this chair is a testament to artistry. The attention to detail is evident in the seamless welding that ensures stability, while the powder-coated finish adds a touch of elegance that elevates your outdoor space.



All in all, the above 5 bamboo rattan chairs are able to transform our outdoor haven into a sanctuary of relaxation and style with their delicate design, comfortable ergonomic seating design, and stable chair structure. Be the envy of your neighbors as you bask in the glory of bamboo rattan chairs that are not just furniture – it's a work of art.

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