Customers visit Birdies Outdoor furniture factory

Customers visit Birdies Outdoor furniture factory

01 Dec, 2021


Customers visited and inspected the Birdies Outdoor Manufacturing Plant and witnessed Birdies Outdoor rigorous and rigorous selection of raw materials, attention to process details and the pursuit of perfection.


The mystery of the simple style and in this series of changes continue to absorb, while retaining its own style characteristics.


After years of development, Birdies Outdoor has become a comprehensive supplier of soft packaging, with a wide range of products ranging from outdoor furniture to interior. Today, Birdies Outdoor is also the most popular supplier in Italy and Spain.


Birdies Outdoor adheres to the accumulation of Italian culture and extracts the essence of classical decoration. Its products adopt the most suitable material according to actual needs.



For example, Birdies Outdoor sofa, the standard aluminum frame structure, rattan weaving, cushions are filled with sponges.


Its sofa aluminum frame structure at the same time, the use of nail technology, quality and elegant appearance go hand in hand. The bench uses elastic sponge cushion on the basis of the aluminum frame to ensure the practicability and comfort of the product.


The products of sofa and coffee table are made of aluminum frame structure. rattan, hand knitted, powder coated process, and marble and stainless steel as required.


The use of these raw materials makes Birdies Outdoor strong in structure, strong in texture, waterproof and sunscreen, with strong compressive and wear resistance.

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