Are Plastic Adirondack Chairs Durable?

Are Plastic Adirondack Chairs Durable?

13 Apr, 2023

Looking through the market, plastic adirondack chair always is one of the hot-selling products in the market. With its affordable price and good design, many families have a preference for it. However, do you actually understand it? Today, the author would give a full introduction about the plastic Adirondack chair to let you explore its secret.

Are Plastic Adirondack Chairs Durable?

Yes, they are! The plastic adirondack chairs are highly durable. Due to the features of plastic material, plastic adirondack chairs are not easily prone to break and get mold. Also, rigid plastic also works well in hot weather. Therefore, you can use it outdoors.

How Long Does Plastic Adirondack Chair Last?

On average, the plastic adirondack chair can last about 10 years. And, if it gets proper care, it could last longer than that.

Can Plastic Adirondack Chairs Stay Out in Winter?

Although the plastic is one of the ideal materials be sued for outdoor chair, it still can be damaged by wet and cold weather conditions. Because of it, the outdoor plastic adirondack chair is suggested that not to place the  plastic Adirondack chair out in winter.


adirondack chair factory

Adirondack Chair Factory

How Do You Refresh Plastic Adirondack Chairs?

Plastic Adirondack chairs can fade and become dirty over time due to exposure to the elements. Here are some steps you can follow to refresh your plastic Adirondack chairs:


●Clean the chairs: Use a solution of mild soap and water to clean the chairs. You can use a soft-bristled brush to scrub any dirt or stains. Rinse the chairs thoroughly with clean water and let them dry completely.

By the way, if your plastic adirondack chair is not in the use for a long time, your chair would tend to be sticky. Therefore, you should remove all the oil, grease, or any dirt stuck to it.


●Apply a plastic cleaner: You can use a plastic cleaner to restore the color of the chairs and make them look new again. Apply the cleaner according to the manufacturer's instructions and wipe off any excess with a clean cloth.


●Apply a UV protectant: To protect the chairs from fading in the sun, you can apply a UV protectant. This will help to keep the chairs looking new for longer.


●Paint the chairs: If the chairs are severely faded, you can consider painting them with plastic spray paint designed for outdoor use. Make sure to clean and prepare the chairs properly before painting.


By following these steps, you can refresh your plastic Adirondack chairs and keep them looking great for years to come.


adirondack chair outdoor furniture

Adirondack Chair Outdoor Furniture

Are Plastic Adirondack Chairs Better Than Wood?

Both plastic and wood Adirondack chairs have their own advantages and disadvantages, and which one is better depends on your specific needs and preferences. In this section, the author would list the pros and cons of them.

Plastic Adirondack Chairs: Pros & Cons

First, plastic has a lower price. The plastic material can be manufactured and sold for a much lower price. Therefore, the cost of the raw material can be lower than the adirondack chair polywood. By the way, the material of plastic Adirondack chairs could be environmentally friendly. The recycled plastic adirondack chair is the best seller in the market.

Second, the plastic adirondack chair is lightweight, so it is easy to move. Thanks to the light-weight and portability of the plastic outdoor chair, you can place it anywhere.

When it comes to the cons of the plastic Adirondack chair, the heat is one of the biggest drawbacks of the plastic Adirondack chair. When the chair is placed in the sun all day heating up to temperatures that can exceed 120 degrees and getting affected by the low temperature at night, the plastic adirondack chair would get weaken. As time goes by, the plastic adirondack chair becomes brittle, as a result, its legs, arms, or back would break.

The second con of the plastic Adirondack chair is the weight limits. Different from the wooden, plastic has a lower support capacity, so it is able to bear about 250 lbs. Taking the weathering effect into the consideration, it may have a weight limit of 150-200 lbs.

The third con of the plastic Adirondack chair is easy to be blown. The light weight of this chair also lets the plastic adirondack chair be blown around like a feature. After the blow, the chair may damage the items around it.


polywood adirondack chair wholesale

Polywood Adirondack Chair Wholesale

Adirondack Poly Wood Chair: Pros & Cons

One of the biggest pros of the adirondack poly wood chair is the adirondack poly wood chair can withstand all types of weather conditions. This type of chair would not get any damage from the weather condition. Although the sun may make the adirondack poly wood chair look more worn and aged, it still works very well.

Second, the adirondack poly wood chair gives you the most design freedom. The natural wooden material can be painted, so you can design your adirondack poly wood chair an unique house furniture.

However, due to the natural material and the handcraft cost, it is more expensive than the plastic Adirondack chair. The price ranges from $100-$300. And, if the chair is made from special and rare woods, the price can be much higher. And, you may not afford it.

If you want to get the addordability of the plastic chair and the beauty of the adirondack chair polywood, you can choose plastic wood adirondack chair, a combination of both of them.


All in all, the plastic adirondack chair is the fruit of the industrial era and the favor of the consumers. However, due to its unsurmountable drawbacks, the plastic adirondack chair still can not dominate the market. Also, in the comparison of the plastic and wood Adirondack chairs, there is no winner. Both of them have their own pros and cons.


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