Can Rattan Chairs Be Used Outdoors?

Can Rattan Chairs Be Used Outdoors?

28 Dec, 2022

Due to its very durable and hardwearing nature, rattan outdoor chairs always is a favorite among families. They usually are placed in the garden, patio, and other outdoor areas. During the purchasing process, most buyers also have some questions about the application of the rattan chairs. In this post, the author would solve a series of frequently asked questions about rattan chairs.

Are Rattan Chairs OK Outside?

Generally speaking, as well as the most natural materials, natural rattan can not be exposed to outdoor extremes particularly well. However, the outdoor rattan chair which gets the special surface treatment and has a combination of metal materials can withstand the exposure.

Can Rattan Be Left Out In the Rain?

As we all know, no furniture or fabric will not soak water when it rains. Also, when the chair gets wet, it easily gets damaged. Then, the normal outdoor rattan chair garden furnitur is usually not waterproof. If you want to get special outdoor chairs for your garden, you can consult the pro to get customized chairs.

Birdies Outdoor is one of the leading outdoor rattan chair manufacturers in China, offering a wide range of outdoor garden rattan chairs. Birdies Outdoor’s outdoor chairs can be used in any climate.


outdoor rattan dining chair

Outdoor Rattan Dining Chair

How Long Will Rattan Last Outside?

Compared with a wicker patio chair, the rattan chair makes better performance in rain, sun exposure, and snow. Then, a well-made woven rattan chair is capable of lasting for over 20 years with the proper care and maintenance.

And rattan furniture is the best choice when it comes down to durability, as it will withstand rains, sun exposure, and snow far better than even all-weather wicker patio furniture. Well-made rattan patio furniture can last for over 20 years with the right amount of regular care and maintenance.

How Do You Maintain A Rattan?

To maintain the rattan furniture, you could follow the below steps to maintain.

●Use Soft Cloth to Clean

You could use a soft cloth to regularly clean the rattan chair. Do not use paint thinners or abrasive creams to clean rattan wicker outdoor chairs.

●Dry Wet Rattan Furniture Well

You can use a damp cloth with a mild furniture cleaner to clean the rattan chair. Then, if does become over-saturated, dry outdoors in the sunlight.


rattan chair garden

Rattan Chair Garden

●Remove the Mildew

When you find mildew or mold in the rattan chair, you should immediately clean the affected areas with strong bleach in soapy water. After that, dry the chair outdoors immediately as possible.

●Pay Attention to Humidity

The natural material requires a certain level of humidity to keep its shape and prevent the split. Therefore, you need to keep your rattan chair away from areas of extreme heat.


Considering the natural features of the rattan, it is difficult for most people to find the right and good rattan outdoor chair for their gardens and other outdoor areas. Birdies Outdoor is one of the trusted china rattan chair manufacturers in the world. With a reliable design team and production line, we have confidence in providing you with a well-design design rattan chair.

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