How to Fix Wicker Chair?

How to Fix Wicker Chair?

18 May, 2023

When your outdoor wicker chair has used for years, it is inevitably gets worn, even get worse. Then, if you still want the chair last for years, it is necessary to fix the wicker chair. In this post, the author would teach you how to fix the wicker chair.

How to Loose Ends?

3 steps can easily solve the losing ends of your round wicker chair.

●Step 1: Check the wicker chair to find the loose end and where the piece poking out.

●Step 2: Use wood glue to fix them. Add a small amount of wood glue to the protruding ends of any loose sections. Gently reposition them within the wicker pattern by pulling the strands together. Press down on the glued pieces for a few seconds to ensure a strong bond with the chair. Repeat this process for every loose strand you come across.

●Step 3: Wait for 30 minutes to ensure the glue is dry. After securely tucking in and gluing all the loose ends, give the glue sufficient time to dry. Refrain from touching the furniture for a complete 30 minutes to allow the adhesive to be firmly set. For optimal outcomes, keep the furniture item in a cool and dry room throughout this period.

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How to Replace Broken Reeds?

Before replacing the broken reeds, you need to assess the damaged areas in the wicker and evaluate whether they need to be repaired. It is because each strand of wicker takes an important place in the wicker chair.

It also needs 3 steps to replace the broken reeds in the bamboo wicker chair.

●Step 1: Remove the broken strands of wicker with heavy-duty scissors or an X-Acto knife. Exercise caution as you snip through the strands, and gently extract the damaged ones to prevent harm to other parts of the wicker.

●Step 2: To enhance flexibility, immerse the replacement reeds in warm water for 30 minutes. Choose the appropriate replacement reeds required for repairing your damaged wicker furniture. Submerge them in a spacious container filled with warm water and allow them to soak for a duration of 30 minutes.

●Step 3: Remove excess water from the replacement. Take out the reeds from the water and position them on a stack of clean paper towels. Delicately apply pressure to the reeds using another paper towel to remove any surplus water. Repeat this process with fresh paper towels until no more water is expelled.

●Step 4: Integrate the replacement reeds into the wicker furniture by weaving them. Begin threading a replacement reed into the furniture, starting from a less noticeable point near the back. Utilize pliers or your fingers to meticulously weave the reed in and out of the wicker, adhering to the existing pattern for optimal results.

●Step 5: Secure the strands in position by applying glue. After threading the reed completely, place a small amount of wood glue on the ends. Carefully tuck them in to prevent any protrusion. Hold the strands gently for a few seconds to ensure the glue to cure.

●Step 6: After allowing 30 minutes for the wood glue to dry, fasten the ends with carpet tacks. Position the carpet tacks directly onto the ends of the replacement reeds, taking care not to split the fibers. Apply gentle pressure to insert the tacks, ensuring they are securely in place using either your finger or a small hammer.


Although the outdoor wicker chair is durable, it still may get worn in the long term of use. Then, if you want your beloved wicker chair can last more years, you need to take some actions to ensure the chair gets the proper maintenance.

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