How to Identify Low-Quality Garden Rattan Chair?

How to Identify Low-Quality Garden Rattan Chair?

28 Jul, 2023

Decorating the house garden always is a hot topic among house owners. Using the rattan garden chair is one of the methods to create a comfortable garden.

The garden rattan chair is a popular choice for outdoor spaces due to its durability, aesthetic appeal, and natural charm. However, not all rattan furniture is created equal. Some products in the market may be of low quality, leading to disappointment and reduced lifespan.

As one of the professional wicker rattan garden chair suppliers in China, Birdies Outdoor will guide you on how to check the low-quality garden chair.

Check the Material

A variety of materials are available in the rattan chair. Low-quality rattan furniture may be constructed from synthetic materials or cheap plastic imitations, which lack the strength and longevity of genuine rattan. Therefore, if you want to get a plastic rattan chair, you need to be careful, because the low-quality plastic rattan chair wasily tear, scratch, and come apart over time. Pe rattan is a relatively higher quality material and is weatherproof and very resistant to rain, snow, frost, and UV rays. Therefore, pe rattan chairs and pe wicker chairs are worthy of buying.

Check for Useful Features

When you make a comparison between some of the rattan chairs, you can try to check for useful features. A top-quality rattan chair usually has several useful features to improve the seating experience. By the way, if additional features in a rattan chair don’t meet your needs, you can just pass it.

rattan round chair

Rattan Round Chair

Check the Weave Method

The quality of rattan furniture is highly dependent on the weaving technique used. Low-quality pieces often exhibit loose, uneven, or inconsistent weaving, leading to structural weaknesses.

Due to its hand-woven requirement, the production of rattan chairs tends to need more effort and time than other materials such as plastic chairs, metal chairs, resin chairs, etc.

To reduce the cost and make mass production, some rattan chair manufacturers love to weave the rattan in rows of 10 at a time, as a result, the rattan or wicker patterns go in a certain direction or another and have odd spacing between the rows and easy to spread. Then, a good-quality rattan chair should have even weaves and symmetrical patterns.

Check the Support System

The support system in the chair is another loophole that allows the manufacturers to reduce the cost. A low-quality rattan chair's frame usually be bent and wrapped in a short period of time. A good quality outdoor chair should have a stable and reliable chair frame constructed with metal material or solid wood in the main parts.

wicker chair rattan

Wicker Chair Rattan

Evaluate the Price

While price alone is not always an accurate indicator of quality, it can give you valuable insights into the rattan furniture's overall craftsmanship and materials. As an old saying “You get what you pay for”. Extremely low prices may suggest the use of subpar materials or shortcuts in production. Conversely, excessively high prices don't always guarantee the best quality.

Rattan Furniture Assembly

High-quality furniture should come with clear assembly guidelines and include all necessary tools and components. The assembly process should be straightforward and not require any specialized skills.

Also, you need to check what components the rattan chair uses to fix. Generally speaking, a superior rattan chair tends to be fixed with screws and bolts. By contrast, a low-quality chair usually be attached with weak adhesives that can fail over time.


Identifying low-quality rattan garden furniture is crucial to avoid worthless investing. To prevent getting a low quality garden rattan chair, you can follow these 6 factors to identify the chair. Then, we believe that the pe rattan chair and aluminium rattan chair are both worth tying investment.

Birdies Outdoor is one of the best wicker rattan garden chair suppliers in the world, only providing rattan chairs and wicker chairs in well-crafted.

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