How to Stack the Stackable Rattan Chair?

How to Stack the Stackable Rattan Chair?

28 Nov, 2023

As stackable chairs, the stackable wicker chair and stackable rattan chair are two popular and useful chairs in business buildings. They have a stackable design that other outdoor chairs don't have, which allows them can be moved anywhere without too much effort. However, someone may have a limited understanding of the stack chairs. Today, in this post, the author will give a full introduction about stacking chairs.

How to Stack the Stackable Chairs?

It is a simple job to stack the chairs, but you should be careful during the stacking process to prevent the falling down of the stackable chairs. Here are the main steps to stack a chair.

Stacking chairs are designed to be easily stacked for storage or transport. Here's a general guide on how to stack them:

Step 1: Position the Chairs

Stand each chair upright on a flat surface, ensuring that the legs are aligned.

Step 2: Align the Chairs

Align the chairs properly, ensuring that the seat of one chair is directly above the seat of the chair below it. This helps in even weight distribution and stability.

Step 3: Nest the Chairs

Carefully lower the chair you want to stack on top, ensuring that the legs fit within the seat and backrest of the chair below. Some chairs have specific grooves or indentations to facilitate easy stacking.

Step 4: Check Stability

Gently push down on the top chair to ensure it's securely nested. The chairs should stack evenly without wobbling or shifting.

Step 5: Repeat the Process

If you have more chairs to stack, repeat the process, always ensuring proper alignment and stability.

Step 6: Consider Height Limit

Be mindful of the recommended height limit for stacking chairs to avoid instability or toppling.

Stackable Rattan Chair

Stackable Rattan Chair

How Many Chairs Can Be Stacked?

When you use stackable chairs, you may wonder how many chairs can be stacked safely. The answer is they should be stacked with no more than 10 chairs.

What to Consider When Buying A Stacking Chair?

The stackable wicker chair is a popular solution to help you solve space occupancy issues. With the stackable design, the wicker chair takes less space in your room, so it is great for storage and transporting around. And, shopping for a stackable wicker chair is not the most difficult thing to do. However, when you choose the stackable wicker chair, you also need to pay attention to some aspects.


In addition to the rattan chair stackable, you also need to consider whether the chair has extra features to fit your use. For example, whether the stackable wicker chair has arms.


When you focus on the features, we also need to ensure whether the stackable rattan chair or stackable wicker chair matches the interior of your venue.


The durability also is another aspect you need to pay attention to, because it almost determines the lifespan of the chair. Most of you don't want to find a fragile chair. Then, you should look for what is the chair frame made of.

●Leg height

You need to check the leg height whether it matches your needs, because some chairs may be too high to sit comfortably.

●Arm height

You also need to check whether the arm is high enough to place your hand.


You also need to know what colors are available in the stackable chair.


You also need to find out whether you can choose the fabric to make the customized stackable chair.

Rattan Chair Stackable

What Are the Advantages of Stacking Chairs?

Thanks to its unique design, stacking chairs usually have some special advantages for users. In this section, the author will show you how stacking chairs can benefit the users.

●Less Space Occupancy

It is a practical method to maximize space when it is not required. The stacking chair is designed to be stacked on top of each other, which significantly reduces the amount of space they occupy when not in use. This makes them ideal for venues or spaces where storage is limited.

●Easy Storage

Its stackable nature allows for convenient storage in closets, storage rooms, or designated areas without taking up much floor space. This is particularly beneficial for events or venues that need to frequently set up and take down seating arrangements.


The stacking chair is typically lightweight, making it easy to transport from one place to another. This portability is advantageous for events, conferences, or gatherings that require flexible seating arrangements.

●Easy to Clean

The stackable chair, especially the stackable rattan chair, usually has a smooth and even surface, so it is easy to clean. Also, it can limit the possibility of damage when moving chairs out of the way.

What are the Drawbacks of Stacking Chairs?

The stack chairs also have some drawbacks in their use. Different from other outdoor chairs, stackable chairs are engineered to be rigid to ensure neat stacking, so they are not adjustable in the seating position or height.

rattan chair stackable

Rattan Chair Stackable

Where Can I Buy Stacking Chairs?

There's a wide supplier base that provides outdoor chairs, so it is important to find not only the right chair but also the right supplier as they often specialize by industry. Then, Birdies Outdoor is your first option. Birdies Outdoor is the manufacturer and supplier of stacking chairs.

Birdies Outdoor is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of stackable chairs. Drawing upon over 25 years of expertise in the outdoor furniture industry, we've carved a niche for ourselves, combining environmental consciousness with exceptional craftsmanship.

Every piece of furniture that leaves our workshop is more than just a product; it's a testament to our dedication to the environment and the artistry of our skilled craftsmen. Each stacking chair is meticulously handcrafted to order, ensuring not just durability but also an unparalleled level of detail and sophistication.

outdoor chair

Outdoor Chair

How to Stack Non-Stackable Chairs?

It is not suggested that stacking the non-stackable chairs. This is because the non-stackable chair has an unevenly distributed weight design. Then, the stacking of the non-stackable chairs is dangerous and easily gets damaged.

Can I Stack Different Types Of Stacking Chair on Top of Other Stacking Chairs?

Stacking different types of stacking chairs also is a dangerous task, because they have different designs, as a result, they can be unstable and lean to one side causing hazards and injury.


Although the stacking design of the chair benefits users a lot, the stack chair may cause hazards and damage through improper stacking. Thus, you may need to pay some attention to the placement of the stack chairs.

If you are interested in the stackable rattan chair and stackable wicker chair, you can contact Birdies Outdoor to get the catalog.

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