What are the Adavantages of Rattan Acapulco Chair?

What are the Adavantages of Rattan Acapulco Chair?

12 Oct, 2023

A variety of outdoor chairs dazzles your eyes. And, you may also get confused about the selection of the outdoor chair. Fortunately, today, the author will introduce one of the most popular chairs that is stylish and comfortable ----- the rattan acapulco chair. Thanks to its stylish design and great seating design, this chair finds homes all over the world.

What is Acapulco Chair?

An Acapulco chair, also known as a "Butterfly chair," is a type of indoor and outdoor furniture that is often used for relaxation and leisure. It features a distinctive design characterized by a metal or wooden frame in the shape of a shallow, inverted U, with a tightly stretched, colorful rattan, plastic, or vinyl seat that forms a comfortable, supportive sling. The seat is often made with a pattern of interwoven strings, which gives it a unique and eye-catching appearance.

The design of acapulco chair originates from Mexican artisans in Acapulco, a coastal city in Mexico, who reportedly created the chair in the 1950s. The rattan acapulco chair's original design aimed to provide comfort and ventilation in the warm, tropical climate of Acapulco. Its open, airy design, along with its vibrant color choices, makes it a popular choice for outdoor seating in gardens, patios, and poolside areas.

rattan outdoor chair

Rattan Outdoor Chair

What are the Adavantages of Acapulco Chair?

As one of the most popular and famous outdoor chairs, the Acapulco chair is known for its unique design and several advantages

●Stylish and Unique Design

The most outstanding advantage of the Acapulco chair is its unique and comfortable design. It features a round or oval frame made of metal or plastic cords and a slightly concave seat. This design is visually appealing and adds a touch of elegance to any space.


Rattan acapulco chair comes in various sizes and colors, making them suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior settings. It can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, patios, gardens, and even by the pool.


Despite its minimalist appearance, Acapulco chair is surprisingly comfortable. The seat's shape and flexibility provide good back support, and the cord material often conforms to the body, making it enjoyable for extended seating.

●Lightweight and Portable

Compared with the composite adirondack chair, the rattan acapulco chair is relatively lightweight and easy to move around. This portability allows you to quickly rearrange your space or bring it outdoors for different occasions.

●Iconic and Timeless

Acapulco chairs have a timeless and iconic design that has endured for decades. This means they won't go out of style and can be a long-lasting addition to your home's decor.

outdoor chair rattan

Outdoor Chair Rattan

Are Acapulco Chairs Comfortable?

Yes, the acapulco chairs are comfortable.

Can You Leave Acapulco Chairs Outside?

The Acapulco chairs can be left outside, but they can not frequently be placed outside. It is because the cold makes cords or rattan somewhat stiffer and the heat can soften them a bit, as a result, the rattan or rope gets damaged.

Are Acapulco Chairs Durable?

The durability of the outdoor chair depends on the materials and structure. For example, Birdies Outdoor’rattan acapulco chair is made from high quality rattan materials and has strong chair structure, so the rattan acapulco chair can last for years.

Where to Buy Rattan Acapulco Chair?

You can buy rattan acapulco chairs from Birdies Outdoor. Birdies Outdoor is regarded as one of the most reputable rattan chair manufacturers in China because Birdies Outdoor has over 25 years of expertise in the outdoor furniture industry and professional artisans teams. Due to its great reputation, Birdies Outdoor has sold top-quality rattan acapulco chairs all over the world.


All in all, the rattan acapulco chair has become one of the most useful options for relaxation with its special chair design and strong back support. And, it also can be part of your modern house design, because it can be a stylish house decoration with its outstanding color.

Birdies Outdoor’s rattan acapulco chair comes with various colors and finishes to cater to various styles of property. You can contact Birdies Outdoor to find the best one for your property.

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