Wicker Chair VS Rattan Chair: Actually, Whats the Difference?

Wicker Chair VS Rattan Chair: Actually, Whats the Difference?

31 Jan, 2023

Rattan and wicker both are popular and durable materials used n furniture making. The rattan chair and wicker chair both are classic outdoor chairs. Although they look similar, they are still different materials. Knowing the differences between them could help you choose the right furniture.

What is Rattan Chair?

The rattan outdoor chair is made of rattan, a vine-like species. The rattan grows in tropical regions located in Africa, Australia, and Asia. The skin-peeled rattan is flexible but sturdy and can be waved into various shapes. It is flexible, durable, lightweight, and most importantly, attractive. Because of its excellent natural features, the chair in rattan is a trendy and attractive option among both businesses and consumers alike.

wholesale rattan chair

Wholesale Rattan Chair

However, the rattan’s popularity also reveals one weakness. The rattan would lose the opportunity of regrowing when the rattan stalks are cut down before they have fully matured. Considering that, the furniture industry has launched alternative, synthetic materials that feel and look like rattan as an alternative option. Therefore, you can see the rattan style chair which is not made of natural rattan in the market. It remains the appearance of the rattan meanwhile overcoming its weakness.

What is Wicker Chair?

Wicker chair always is classic house furniture. Many people think the wicker technique roots in Ancient Egypt because many wicker house furniture has been found in the tombs of ancient pharaohs. And, traditionally, the wicker is made of material of plant origin. The willow is one of the most commonly used materials. Then, with the development of industrial materials, the resin wicker chair is also launched in the market.

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What’s the Difference between Rattan Chair and Wicker Chair?

Although they look similar, they are totally different. On the one hand, rattan is material, on the other hand, wicker is a style of weave. The wicker outdoor chair can be composed of cane, straw, reeds, willows, and of course rattan itself.

To clearly present the differences between them, the author would post a chart to show you in the following section.


Aspect Rattan Chair Wicker Chair
Product Yes No
Weaving Process No Yes
Durability Prone to molds and wear and wear Lasts longer
Price Expensive Affordable
Material Rattan Rattan, bamboo, willow,
 reed, synthetic fibers
Cleaning High-maintenance Low-maintenance
Use Indoors and outdoors Indoors and outdoors
Resistance Not weather resistant Weather-resistant

Which is Better Rattan Chair or Wicker Chair?

If you're looking for simple, light, and durable garden funiture, the garden rattan tabl and chair is absolutely the way to go.

And, if you are a fan of natural weaving materials, garden chair wicker could be your good option.

And, if you want to get the natural beauty of the rattan and the weaving style, you could consider the rattan wicker outdoor chair.

And, if you want to learn more information about the rattan chair and wicker chair, you could follow our website. Birdies Furniture is one of the greatest rattan wicker chair set manufacturers in China and shares much basic knowledge of outdoor furniture.

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Is Wicker More Expensive Than Rattan?

As the above chart presents, the outdoor rattan chair garden furnitur is more expensive than garden chair wicker. It is because rattan is a more difficult material to work with.


All in all, the key difference between them is their ultimate features. The natural textures, they could make your house design more comfortable. Then, both of them are a good option for your house. With the development furniture industry, you also could purchase rattan wicker outdoor chair for your house.

Birdies Furniture is one of the rattan wicker chair suppliers in the world, providing an unmatched shopping experience and excellent garden furnitur outdoor rattan chair and wicker patio chair.

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